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Tuesday, 30 November 2004
The Cable
Mood:  bright
The father was dragging a cable across the kitchen floor yesterday. I love it when unsual things happen around here and I make it a point to sit in the middle of all the action, thus I sat down right by this cable and thoroughly sniffed it over. Alas, it did not appear to be alive. It smelled dusty and old -- still, it had potential to be a great toy so I stayed put.

I was really hoping that someone would drag it around, then I could pounce on it and chew it up, but alas, it did not move much, although I kept on eye on it.

The real fun came later when a box arrived. The mother cleaned out the box and left it on the floor for Dandelion and me to smell and jump inside. I love boxes! They smell curiously strange. I don't know why they arrive with all kinds of garbage in them, but at least the mother will clean out the garbage so we cats can enjoy a good box.
Monday, 29 November 2004
In the Wheelbarrow
Mood:  lazy
Dandelion and I have switched beds. Now I am sleeping in the wheelbarrow and he sleeps on the floor. The mother was surprised when she saw me in the wheelbarrow this morning. Hey, it was sunny up there and Dandelion was nowhere around at the time I found this warmer spot.

The father lined the wheelbarrow with newspapers and padding, then put a cat bed in it along with a footstool so I can easily climb in. It's the perfect place to sleep since he only uses the wheelbarrow rarely.

Other cat beds can be found around the home, so we have our pick of several places. Dandelion and I both prefer to find a spot where the sun is shining in the windows or a place in the house. Today was a good day to be inside the sunny garage. (Besides, the mother was vacuuming today and neither of us cats wanted to be in the house with all that loud noise.)
Sunday, 28 November 2004
Packing and Unpacking
Mood:  mischievious
I love watching the mother and father pack (and unpack). They open these big boxes and I like to jump inside when the box is empty. I usually jump right into the middle of things when my humans look like they are doing something different than they've done in a long time. In fact, if they are even moving around, I am sure to plop down in the middle of wherever they are working. I always get noticed that way, even if one of them trips trying not to step on me.
Saturday, 27 November 2004
Gone for Thankgiving
Mood:  hug me
The father and mother went away for the Thanksgiving holiday. I was NOT happy! Life was boring without my slaves around to amuse me although Dandelion did play with me a few times. When the young girl came over, I was happy again! And when, a few days later, the parents came home, I meowed as LOUD as I could and as FAST as I could to let them know that I was glad to see them! Yay! Now life can get back to normal around here.
Friday, 26 November 2004
Cold Weather
Mood:  chatty
The young girl has been visiting every day. We enjoy the attention she is giving us. Since the weather has turned colder, we are having fun chasing bugs that want to come inside. Dandelion found a big spider in the bathtub. Way to go, Dandelion!
Thursday, 25 November 2004
Dandelion's Balancing Act
Mood:  quizzical
I don't know how he does it - how Dandelion can sleep on top of the sofa like that without falling off. It doesn't work for me. I prefer stretching out on the master bed with my legs out or curling up in a good chair. The young girl came over last night and played with me and brushed me. It felt so good. I sure love her!
Wednesday, 24 November 2004
The Spider
Mood:  happy
Here I am in front of an offensive closed door. Closed doors should be outlawed!

A spider was crawling across the kitchen floor this morning. I wanted to say "Yay!" while the mother said, "Ugh!" I gently batted the critter around. (If it had been a cricket, I might have taken it into my mouth, but I am more careful with spiders.) When the mother looked again, I had chased it under a chair. The spider was doing pretty well because, after I got bored waiting for it to come out, it came out and crawled around just fine before the father removed it from the house. Bugs are fun.
Tuesday, 23 November 2004
Meow! Meow! Meow!
Mood:  hug me
I wanted lots of petting yesterday. I came up to the mother while she was on the computer and went, "Meow! Meow! Meow!" I wanted her to get up and follow me, which she did. I led her into the bedroom and jumped on the bed, then presented my back to her and swished my tail, turning my head to see if she got the message. She did. She grabbed the brush and groomed and petted me for a few minutes. But then, she left and went back on the computer.

I was not happy about that. I came back up to her and meowed again. "Didn't get enough, did you?" She asked. I replied, "Meow!" and led her back into the bedroom. She repeated all that good brushing. I purred.

She left before I was ready for her to go! I did not want to be alone so I went back and fussed at her again. "I see that I am not going to get any work done right now," she said. She grabbed her book and lay across the bed. I jumped up with her and lay beside her. Really, all I wanted was her company. It had been a long time since she had laid on the bed with me like this. We used to have many good times together. Her book made a good pillow and it still does. (See Picture.)
Monday, 22 November 2004
A Good Place to Sleep
Mood:  happy
The mother was doing the laundry and housecleaning today. I followed her around the house, watching her rub a feathers over stuff. I can't figure out why humans do that unless this is a new game so I followed her and watched to see what would happen next. Nothing much happened but at least it satisfied my curiosity.

Next, she took warm clean clothes out of the dryer and put them on the bed. After she left the room for a moment, I jumped up onto the bed for a closer look and plopped down on the clothes to sleep for the day. It was very nice of my pet human to provide a clean and warm place for me to relax. When she comes back into the room, she will know that she pleased me.
Sunday, 21 November 2004
Morning was No Fun!
Mood:  irritated
The mother gets up first in the morning, then I get up and come from the garage where I usually sleep at night, into the house. The father has a cold and was sleeping in, but that didn't stop me. I went to their bedroom door and cried because it was closed. The mother scooped me up and brought me into the bathroom with her.

I like to spend my mornings in the bathroom, playing in the water, sticking my head in her earring case, getting front of her when she wants to use the mirror, jumping into the tub to bat toys around or just to stretch and clack my claws on the tub wall (see the movies) or pawing at things under the door. It's great fun in there EXCEPT she brought me with her and SHUT THE DOOR!

Argh! I can not stand closed doors so I whined and fussed and pawed at the door like I was being tortured. It was no fun at all that morning.

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