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Tuesday, 21 November 2006
Oil for Myst
Mood:  sharp
Myst has been scratching himself too much in this dry weather, so the family is giving him a little bit of oil every day. He is picky and only likes liquid margarine, for some reason, so they put a dot on the table for him when they eat.

Bleh, I am not interested in human food at all, well except to paw it and see if it rolls well.
Monday, 20 November 2006
Things to Watch
Mood:  energetic
I don't know what Myst finds so fascinating about TV and monitors. He chases the cursor around, even.

I prefer mirrors. I see that beautiful handsome cat on the other side and he sees me, too. We both have been trying to figure out ways to get to each other. We've had no luck so far, but it doesn't stop us from trying --- and this is all MUCH more interesting than TV!
Sunday, 19 November 2006
Being Up High
Mood:  a-ok
I am not a big fan of being held and I moan and complain when someone has me in their arms. Myst and Dandelion like it just fine though. Myst can not jump and he is thrilled when anyone puts him in high places so he can look around and feel important.
Saturday, 18 November 2006
Humans Live Longer Thanks to Us
Mood:  cool
It has been scientifically proven that, when humans are owned by cats, they live longer. Petting us reduces high blood pressure, but often we will hang out with them when they work on computers and stuff, so they do not get carpal tunnel so easily.

Terry says she does not get as much work done, either, but at least she says she may never get carpal tunnel thanks to frequent stops to pet us.
Thursday, 16 November 2006
Adorable Pair
Mood:  silly
What is it like to just sit there and be cute and tiny? Even though Terry says I am the most handsomest cat in the world, all Myst and Jenny have to do is just stand there and they look adorable.
Wednesday, 15 November 2006
Our Pets
Mood:  chillin'
Humans can be quite entertaining. Rushing around from room to room, watching them pick up things, dust things, mop things, do dishes, sweep floors, carry groceries -- and taking on and off their furs -- can be just plain amusing. Who knows what they are thinking?

I am glad we have pet humans. They are fun to watch and fun to love. I highly recommend having pets to everyone.

Tuesday, 14 November 2006
Universal Cat
Mood:  happy
Dinnertime! Myst has to eat regular Science Diet and a little oil now and then. He can have nothing else or he gets sick. Dandelion has to have hairball formula Purina - and some moist canned food now and then. He has had a super severe problem all of his life and this is the only thing that works. Me? I can have anything anytime -- and I usually do. I love it all. Terry calls me the "Universal Cat" because Dandelion and Myst can not be in the same room together and can not eat each other's food, but I can eat anything and get along with anyone.
Monday, 13 November 2006
Rocky's Chair
Mood:  a-ok
Rocky loves his big soft chair and spends much time showing his pet humans how much he appreciates having his own place to sleep.
Sunday, 12 November 2006
Dandelion is a Big Cat
Mood:  flirty
Little tiny Myst has no problem sleeping in a lap. Humans hardly notice he is there .... but Dandelion ---- well he sort of takes over the lap and everything else (although Dandelion considers it no problem as well).
Friday, 10 November 2006
Is it a toy? Is it dead?
Mood:  cheeky
Is it a toy? Is it dead? No, it is a perfectly relaxed Myst in Terry's lap. I do not think a cat could look more relaxed than this.

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